Hellobike team visited our company


The Hellobike team came to our company for research. Our general manager Wu Yunfu and technical director Peng Hao guided the research team of The Hellobike to see the production environment and the technological process. 


During the visit, General manager Wu Yunfu warmly received the research team and introduced the main production technology and inspection process to them. The research team raised questions on the production of the main standard parts of the product, and the technical director Peng Hao gave answers from a professional perspective, and introduced the current production standards that our company could meet.


After visiting our production workshop, the research team exchanged ideas with Peng Hao, the director of Technology R&D Department. He introduced that our company would use mechanical simulation equipment to simulate the real environment, and at the same time, we would put products in extreme environment, observe the products’ changes in their strength and appearance in all kinds of environment. Development of each new product must receive  strict technological observation before being used in the real environment so as to ensure the safety of consumers in the process of utility. 


Through this exchange, our company learned that the market’s requirements for products have been further improved, which also promotes our company to use technological innovation as soon as possible to reduce the loss caused by the application of products in different environments. At the same time, the Helloglobal team has provided new ideas for our product improvement through practical cases, so as to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results through cooperation and exchange.

Post time: May-26-2021