15th Anniversary of Taizhou Lujury Technology Co., Ltd.

Wu Yunfu, the chairman of Taizhou Lujury Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Juqin, th e general manager of the company, gathered together with representatives of more than 30 suppliers and had a friendly and in-depth exchange.
The convening of the conference not only means that Lujury Technology will welcome the new era with a new look, but also means that LujuryTechnology will pay more attention to the management of the supply chain and the degree of cooperation with suppliers.
At the meeting, Chairman Wu Yunfu delivered a speech and made a keynote speech. He expressed his gratitude to the vast number of suppliers for their sincere cooperation and long-term support.
On the basis of a profound analysis of the current industry situation, he proposed the goals and ideas for future strategic development, advocated innovative thinking to solve problems, and strive to achieve high levels of the industry. At the same time, it puts forward some expectations and requirements for communication and cooperation.
First, advocate simple and direct communication, don’t think things too complicated;
Second, integrity, when it comes to doing, not forgetting the initial heart, as always;
Third, the partners of the partners can achieve perfection in their own fields of industry;
Fourth, the code of conduct, sincere cooperation, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and promptly put forward problems, easy to resolve in a timely manner.
Zhang Juqin, general manager of LujuryTechnology, said in his speech that he is very grateful to the suppliers for their contributions and efforts to the quality of the company’s products. The company’s products are inseparable from the suppliers’ parts, and each part is the guarantee of product quality.
Mrs. Zhang stressed that in the future, it will strengthen the management of the supply chain, and provide various advanced management concepts for suppliers. The two sides will cooperate in depth to promote the overall operational efficiency of both parties, reduce operating costs and create greater business. value. She firmly believes that as the company continues to grow, the cooperation between the two sides will be closer and together to harvest the fruits of success.
In the new period, Taizhou Lujury Technology Co.,Ltd Association will actively respond to the national policy and keep pace with the times to contribute to the development of China’s new energy electric vehicle industry, exerting the spirit of the screw and grasping the quality.

Post time: Jul-23-2020