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  • Car Shock Absorber

    Car Shock Absorber

    Suspension system because of the elastic element in the impact vibration, to improve automobile riding comfort, installed in parallel with the elastic element in the suspension shock absorber, for attenuation vibration of the automobile suspension system of the shock absorber is hydraulic shock absorber, its working principle is that when the frame (or body) and the vibration appears when the relative motion between axle, shock absorber piston to move up and down, th...
  • Car Shock Absorber For BUICK

    Car Shock Absorber For BUICK

    In the compression stroke, refers to the car wheels move close to the body, the shock absorber is compressed, at this time the shock absorber piston 3 downward movement. The volume of the lower chamber of the piston decreases, the oil pressure increases, and the oil flows through the flow valve 8 to the chamber above the piston (the upper chamber). The upper cavity is occupied by piston rod 1, so the volume increased by the upper cavity is less than the volume decrea...